Grand Ball at the Garden City Hotel

Proposed  Schedule for 2017


January: TR Medal and Patch is unveiled.  This medal require completion of several tasks in line with the Boy Scout ideals and Theodore Roosevelt’s own visions.


February: Indoor School Displays to be set up in all schools across Nassau County.

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March: More to follow


April: Pilgrimage. First medal awarded. This pilgrimage follows a tradition started after Theodore Roosevelt’s death.  After laying a wreath on TR’s grave in Youngs Cemetary, a pilgrimage was lead by Dan Beard from the cemetary to TR’s home Sagamore Hill.  Thousands are expected to attend.


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May: Cent–ooree  May 19-21 – Eisenhower Park. This will be a colossal event with units camping for the weekend.  The event will include exhibits, interactive fun, and very many cool thing to do and see.  It will be culminated by a surprise show.  Stay tuned for more information.

BSA Guest Invitation to Centennial Jubilee


June: More to follow


July: Summer Camp – use of logo and theme at camps


August: Beach Bash August 19th– This event will be open to all, Scouts, Explorers, Venturers & Girl Scouts.  It promises to be an exciting event with music, dancing and fun.  This event is being organized by the Order of the Arrow.


September: Conservation Project


October: Statue Unveiling – Council Service Center.  An impressive 6’ high McKenzie scout statue with a memorial wall behind will be constructed on the corner of the Council Service Center to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Scouting in Nassau County.  A buy a brick campaign will start in the fall of 2016.  This will provide the funding to erect a memorial McKenzie statue at the service center.  The brick will give supporters the chance to memorialize special events or loved ones.  The design of the memorial is in final stages.


November: Grand Ball – Friday November 3 at the Garden City Hotel. The event will be celebrated at the luxurious Garden City Hotel. More info to come.


December:  Charity Project