To promote Scouting and the 100th Anniversary of Theodore Roosevelt Council during 2017, we

are inviting you to set up displays at all schools throughout Nassau County. We will leave it to

your discretion as to what can be there, but here are suggestions:


Displays can be static or active. (You can leave them there, or you might have people that could stand with them.)


Displays might be indoors or outdoors, and will depend upon space approved by the local school and what you have available. Ask for a prominent location.


Displays might include things such as:


Model campsite – tents, simulated campfire, backpack, stove (unlit – no fuel), etc.


Pictures or display boards of activities in your unit


Scouting equipment – modern or “antique” patrol or personal gear


Presentations, crafts, murals or drawings prepared by your Scouts


Historical items such as handbooks, uniforms, etc.


All displays should include:


Promotional information about the Centennial Jubilee on May 20, including copies of the handout (pdf provided by Council) which provides free admission for non‐Scouts.


Contact information about joining your Pack, Troop or Crew.


When: March / April 2017. Depending on permission and support, a display might only be for one day or might remain in place for multiple weeks. You can set up whatever works with your local school.


Pictures: Please take pictures of your display. Send one or two of your best pictures to Andy Johns at, so that we can capture them as part of our permanent archive of Centennial celebrations.


Questions: Please contact Andy Johns, Centennial Celebration Schools Promotion Chair, at